Your wedding is unique to you. Your guests, your venue, your day. You customised everything to your taste. Why shouldn't your album be just as personal too? So embrace the concept of album personalisation and ensure that your album matches your wedding in every detail. Whether it's your typefont used for the album cover, your logo embossed on the lid of the keepsake box, your flowers printed in the opening of the album, your venue reproduced in a professional line drawing - the options are endless, the personal touches are infinite. Prices on application unless stated otherwise below.


For those special memories - of your venue, your ceremony, the 2 of you - what can beat having a hand-drawn original piece of illustrative art commissioned from our graphic designer in Italy? His original artwork will feature in your album on the cover, or the inside lining, or as one of the pages, or even on the inside lid of the keepsake box. Nothing about this is computer-generated or enhanced. This is 100% original, old-school art.

As a one-colour line drawing or even a stunning original watercolour. Have it featured in your album - for £250 (one-colour line drawing) or £500 (watercolour). Or have it featured in your album AND receive the original artwork to keep forever - for £500 (one-colour line drawing) or £1,200 (watercolour). Typical size is 12"x18" (20x30cm).

Watercolour of wedding photo

Hayley & Liam, Renaissance St Pancras, 12th February 2023

From our early discussions and venue visit meeting it was clear to me that Hayley & Liam had consciously chosen this stunning London venue for its architectural elegance. And they were thrilled when Dario was able to reproduce a wedding day photo of the venue as a line drawing for the inside lid of their album keepsake box.

Tamara & Josh, The Grove, 4th September 2022

As a History of Art graduate, Tamara was always going to have an eye for the visual power of photography as expressed through original art. No surprise then that she and Josh jumped at the chance of having one of their favourite wedding photographs reproduced by Dario as a line drawing an then printed in the base of their album keepsake box.


It's those special touches that make your wedding - they mean something to you and we believe they should be immortalised in your album and box. Whatever the colour, material, detail - if it's important to you, then we want to cherish it in your album and/or your keepsake box. Just let your creativity run wild.

Laura & Ben, Tewin Bury Farm, 25th August 2019

Without her father there on the day of her wedding, Laura wanted to commemorate him in a subtle, discreet manner. His name was embroidered in the chuppah canopy so that he looked over her during the ceremony. And by keeping that same piece of material and laying it within their album keepsake box, her father is now with them and their album.


We're building a legacy here for your kids, and their kids. Because we all started off as kids and it's down to our parents, and their parents, for getting us here. Which is why this type of personalisation is proving so popular - creating your own family tree of wedding photos and including it in your own wedding album or its keepsake box. Who wouldn't want their kids to know exactly how their family came to be? Source photos from your parents' and grandparents' own weddings and we'll do the rest. No extra charge.